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Hire Smarter, Not Harder:

A guide that will walk you through actionable tips on how to save time on recruitment costs and expedite time-to-hire. Revamp your hiring process, secure the best candidates, and build a successful team today!

Results At A Glance:

  • Our Proven Process identified the top .3% of candidates
  • An extensive network resulted in an 89% reduction in time-to-fill
  • Technology leveraged saved the client 37 hours of recruiting efforts


A medium-sized business required a recruiting solution to quickly expand its overworked Human Resources team. They were looking to add an HR Specialist to help keep up with day-to-day responsibilities.

The Problem:

Already stretched thin, the team had to dedicate additional time on top of their extensive workloads to recruit a new HR team member. By the time the company turned to Stivers for help they had already:

  • Devoted 3 months to sourcing, screening, and interviewing potential candidates
  • Invested ~$1,500 in advertising the job on external sites
  • Spent hours trying to source quality candidates, either missing on experience or cultural fit
  • Made 2 unaccepted offers

The Solutions:

Stivers took ownership of the entire recruitment process, quickly sourcing, screening applicants, conducting initial interviews, and completing reference checks. Stivers took over the burden of time-consuming recruiting activities and quickly identified qualified talent by leveraging their database and engaging with their network of HR professionals.

The Results:

Stivers was able to quickly assess the client’s needs and identified the right hire within 10 days, ultimately saving them 37 hours of work. The company chose Stivers as its partner because we provided:

  • A network of established HR professionals
  • Experience identifying the right cultural fit
  • Access to recruiting technology

The partnership with Stivers made a direct impact on the client through:

  • Improved time-to-fill rate: Identified the right candidate within 10 days vs 3 months of sourcing
  • Quality sourcing and matching: Leveraged our Proven Process to identify the top .3% of candidates matched on experience and cultural fit
  • Time saved: Saved the client ~37 hours of work which improved productivity and operational efficiencies

“Stivers was quick to respond to our request and made a huge impact. Shannon our new HR Specialist is doing great. I don’t know how I managed without her. She’s fitting in and already making an impact. I was recruiting for that position since September, thank you for finding her.”

Human Resources Manager
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