Stivers Places 500 Education Professionals in Chicago Area Schools

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“Allie is AMAZING! Anytime we need support at one of our schools, she fills the need immediately. We can’t thank her enough for everything she does!”

Director of Human Resources


School districts across the greater Chicago area were experiencing unexpected and extreme staff shortages. They needed immediate help to recruit Student Supervisors, Paraprofessionals, Administrative Assistants, and more.


The District needed immediate help to relieve their overworked HR team who was already stretched thin recruiting to fill more than 100+ vacancies. They were looking to hire temporary support staff across several departments to alleviate strain and address the following issues:

  • Student support shortage: With many teachers choosing to instruct virtually, the district needed additional classroom support
  • Cost of sourcing: Job board costs rose 3X higher than previous rates, which budgets couldn’t support
  • Lack of quality talent: Candidates were not a culture fit, lacked experience, and were unable to come to salary agreements


Stivers took ownership of the entire recruitment process, quickly sourcing, screening applicants, conducting initial interviews, and completing reference checks. Stivers shouldered the burden of time-consuming recruiting related activities.

We quickly made changes to address the district’s needs by:

  • Assigning a Program Coordinator to oversee all sourcing, screening and interviewing, as well as a payroll supervisor and HR liaison
  • Covering all spend related to job board posting, marketing, recruiting, background checks, onboarding, workers compensation, unemployment costs, and all state and federal taxes
  • Tapping into our deep network of talent and finding creative ways to involve the community as recruiting sources
  • Organizing new hire trainings and monitoring the ongoing employment of temporary employees

The Impact

Stivers was able to quickly get up-to-speed on the client’s needs in a short amount of time. This saved the client countless hours of work.

Over the course of 3 years, Stivers’ proprietary and extensive talent network resulted in:

  • Sourcing and screening over 3,200 candidates
  • Placing 500 employees across 18 schools
  • A 90% fill rate on allocated roles

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Stivers has become a subject matter expert on staffing and recruiting for school districts and understands the unique challenges facing them today. For more information, contact your local office.

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