I’m incredibly satisfied with this placement. The culture and staff are a terrific fit.

Catherine L.; Membership Assistant

I love everything about this place, and the work experience is invaluable.

Amy E., Finance Assistant

I couldn’t have imagined a better job-person fit. I hope to stay with this company for quite some time as I can already see the value and insight I will gain from my peers and leaders. Plus, this position aligns with my educational goals perfectly. Thanks again!

Codi S.; Operations Coordinator

When you own a really small business, 3, 4 or 5 employees, everyone is crucial to daily operations. The absence of one can be covered by others for a short duration. But if customer service and schedules are to be sustained it is just not possible to keep things going well during 2+ week vacations or extended illnesses.

I have owned two such businesses, beginning first in 1992. In all that time Stivers has provided quality people to help. Those people were pleasant and had all the skills I asked for. Often they were even more than competent. In many cases they brought talents and experiences that were new to my business and in so doing permanently improved it. One was so good I hired her. She stayed with me for 15 years.

The Stivers office staff have been incredibly responsive, reacting promptly to my requests and sending people short notice when necessary. They have been a delight to work with and I am a happy customer.

Jed N.; Small Business Owner

Thank you for this placement! I am enjoying my assignment.

Angelica L., Marketing Coordinator

Thank you for finding what may be my forever job with a great company.

Dorothy T., Front Office Assistant

I was very happy on this assignment, it was the perfect job for me. Thank you Lisa for your help, you did a great job placing me on my 1st assignment with Stivers. I look forward to working for your company again.

Karen M. – Payroll Clerk

I’ve been able to expand my skills on all different levels working for this assignment. The work environment is very well organized and friendly. I’m definitely grateful for the experience.

Shaunta V., Clerk

I hesitate to select “Excellent” in your survey because there should be something better for your temp. I think “Exceptional” is better than excellent. Your temp is Exceptional. In knowledge, skill, work ethic, integrity, adaptability, congeniality your temp is Exceptional.
I think that says it.

Jed N., Sole Proprieter

Stivers is awesome, assignment is awesome; Nichole and Maddie and Dee have been wonderful to work for and I’m lucky to have them on my side!

Barbara L. – Mortgage Clerk