The client company was a very nice group of people who were delightful to work with. The environment was upbeat and positive.

I also enjoy working with Staffing Manager Nichole James at Stivers. Nichole and been very helpful and informative.

Mario M.; Receptionist

The client company along with Stivers are just amazing companies to be apart of. The young ladies at Stivers are always on point and very helpful.

Shuneece S.; Customer Service Associate

I would like to thank Amy, Haedyn, Pam and Andrea for getting me this job position. I enjoy my job and my co-workers appreciate my work. Thank you all very much!

Marshawn, CSR (Kansas City)

I’m enjoying my assignment very much…good people and a very positive work environment…thanks for this assignment! I love it!

Linda A., Admin Asst

Karen and Darlene at Stivers are wonderful! They are courteous, prompt, efficient, and professional! I tell my friends to go to Stivers!

Rebecca M., Mailroom Assistant

Stivers has been one of the best agencies I have worked with in Chicago.

Joylyn R., Executive Assistant

Stivers has always been a most respectable company. The assignments are always quality. My current assignment was a gift. They are awesome people, and I look forward to being with them again. Thank you Phoenix Stivers, for everything you do!

Patricia M., Receptionist

Your temp has exceeded all our expectations. We could not be happier. Thank you for being so diligent in your staffing process.

Alice W., Administrative Coordinator

The position is a perfect fit for me, there is a lot of potential for growth. I appreciate Stivers help, kindness and professionalism during my job search.

Ann L., Purchasing Supervisor

Very nice company to work for; wonderful group. I, very greatly, appreciate being afforded this opportunity and am extremely appreciative of Jana’s final negotiations with this organization. I truly enjoy working for Stivers in St. Louis. They are, no doubt, an extremely professional and wonderful group of individuals!! Truly top of the line and incredibly organized/well-structured. Kim is excellent as well.

Diane G., Customer Service Representative