We have compiled job seeker resource links on subjects such as interviewing, attire, resume building, salary negotiation and more:


Resume Examples:
Resume examples and free templates. Good way to see different resume types for different fields.

Resume Templates: offers free access to on-point actionable career advice and a huge database of free resume templates to pick and choose.

Resume Writing and more
This non-commercial “blog” site might be the ONLY Resume Writing Guide You Will Need. This site puts together the most comprehensive guides on the Internet. Their guides are written by a team of professionals with experience in recruiting and backed by research and studies.

Resume Cheat Sheet
This infographic “cheat sheet” contains all of the best resume advice you need in one place. It also showcases keywords to use that stand out when you’re describing yourself and your experience.

Free Resume Builder
This site has Resume Templates & Resume Samples as well as a Resume Builder. See tips on building your resume and which template to use.

Resume Samples
This site has fresh ideas for your resume. They can show you the best 10 resume samples by job title so that you can find the perfect words for your resume.

How to Write a Resume
The mission of How To Write A is to assist a job seeker with how to write a resume and cover letter, distributing a resume to hiring managers, and assistance for composing a thank-you letter. This site was designed for everyone from the novice job hunter to the HR professional.


Preparing for a Job Search
Part of The Riley Guide’s Employment Opportunities and Job Resources. Includes articles, info on where to go on the Internet for job search information, and many links to journal articles, etc.

Consumer’s Guide to Online Job Sites
This list gives detailed information about the privacy practices at each site, including information about how much spam or job offers a resume posted at the site received.

Preparing to Fill Out a Job Application
Download samples of job applications from this site – includes excellent tips, and information for different fields of employment.


Interview Tips
The Balance is a leading source of personal finance and career information.  Search “Interview Tips” for a comprehensive list of articles about successful interviewing.

Monster Interview Center
Includes a telephone script, questions to ask, getting ready for tough questions, and general interview tips. Go to Monster’s interview center for a virtual interview.

Job Hunting Attire
An article called “Job Hunting: Dress for Success” with specific tips for men and women.


Being a Great Candidate for Employment 
From the Employment Law Handbook, four secrets that will improve your employment prospects.

Compensation Tools contains a salary clinic, salary news, plus information on negotiating salary, stock options, benefits, and bonuses.

Salary Reports
Gives a free salary report by job title (includes job descriptions) for specific metropolitan areas, and gives the buying power for that area.

Career Personality Assessment
What’s your perfect career? If you don’t mind skipping through lots of ads/offers, this free personality assessment will give you insight into your personality traits and the careers they match up with.